About Me

Since graduating with an English degree from Cambridge, I have spent the last twenty years working as an editor, publisher and writer, both in large publishing houses and as a freelance. I was the editor of a national book magazine and am a Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

My experience as an editor covers a broad spectrum of titles, including crime lists, cookery books, commercial fiction, art books, Man Booker-winning novels, short story collections, biographies and histories. I have worked both with bestselling authors and individuals who want to commit their family story to words.

I also write copy for businesses, for websites and printed literature, and bring the same editorial skills and rigour to this task.

I live and work in Gloucestershire.

Christine Kidney

Christine is a highly effective project manager with strong analytical skills; she works very well with authors (and publisher!). She is a great structural editor and copy-editor – much, much more than a safe pair of hands!

Martin Large, Publisher of Hawthorn Press

Christine has an uncanny talent to create clarity and structure and at the same time allowing the author’s voice to retain its authenticity. ‘Good’ is not ‘good enough’, and whilst one would prefer avoiding re-writing and re-visiting text, Christine will tirelessly persist, in her supporting and encouraging ways, to ‘iron out all the creases’. Her attention to detail is wonderful and she will emphasise what the readers’ experience will be, which I found hugely helpful. As a first time author I felt comforted, supported, respected and cared for. Every first-time author needs to hear from their editor how wonderful their book is.

Steffi Stern, co-author of Making Needle Felted Animals, Hawthorn Press

We were so glad to have Christine on board for our first venture into book writing. It was not an easy task to co-ordinate two authors, a photographer and a designer, but from keeping us informed and on track with content and timings, careful review and editing of content, meetings to discuss publicity, to always being able to answer queries quickly and clearly, Christine’s calm and capable presence was felt throughout the project . In fact, one of our conditions for writing a second book was that we work with Christine again!

Sophie Buckley, co-author of Making Needle Felted Animals, Hawthorn Press

Many thanks for your two emails – you really lifted my spirits. I was doubly happy as, for once, I finished the rewrite with the impression that the book finally worked as I’d intended it to work. I don’t often get that feeling!
Much of this is due to your excellent editing, I have to say. The best in all my years in writing and publishing!

Giles Milton is the bestselling author of Nathaniel’s Nutmeg. His latest book is Russian Roulette.

Christine Kidney was the editor who changed my life. She phoned me up to talk about what she felt needed doing to the manuscript to make it publishable; I ran a power line from the stable to my caravan, set up my venerable computer, and started to rewrite … Just before she left Weidenfeld, Christine said that she was going to commission some non-fiction books, and did I think that I could write about Victorian railway stations? This was the first germ for the idea that grew into Parallel Lines, so I owe her that, too. I’m very proud that she allowed me to dedicate it to her, and I hope that when she reads it, she still thinks that I was worth fetching in from the cold.

Ian Marchant is the author of, among other books, Parallel Lines and The Longest Crawl

Thanks again for your very thorough and constructive report. It contains the sort of intelligent editorial feedback I’ve been trying to get access to for almost fifteen years. Not sure if you can imagine how that feels!

Jo Eames has successfully self-published several works. Her latest is Not Only the Good Boys, published July 2014.